Terms British/American

I don’t know about you, but I often get a bit confused trying to sort out some recipes containing some odd British or American cooking terms or definitions. The chart below is an attempt to relate terms you might come across in some recipes. The chart certainly helps me and I hope it helps you too…

British Term American Term
Aubergine Eggplant
Baking sheet Baking tray
Bicarbonate of soda Baking soda
Broad beans Fava beans
Cheese biscuits Crackers
Cornflour Cornstarch
Coriander Cilantro
Courgette Zucchini
Caster sugar Superfine sugar
Demerara sugar Turbinado sugar
Digestive biscuits Graham crackers
Double cream Heavy cream
Fish slice Pancake turner
Greaseproof paper Wax paper
Grill broiler
Hazelnuts Filberts
Icing sugar Confectioners’ sugar
Knock back Punch down
Mixed spice Apple pie spice
Plain flour All-purpose flour
Plain chocolate Semi-sweet chocolate
Polenta Fine cornmeal
Prawn Jumbo shrimp
Prove Last rising before bread is baked
Red pepper Red bell pepper
Saute pan Frying pan or skillet
Scones Biscuits
Scone cutter Plain biscuit cutter about
Single cream Light cream
Silicon paper Baking parchment
Spring onions Green onions/scallions
Stock Broth
Strong flour Bread flour
Tap Faucet
Tin Pan
Unsalted butter Sweet butter
Wholemeal flour Wholewheat flour